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Retractable Roofs

Enjoy uncluttered views of your surroundings with a retractable roof covering your patios or swimming pools. All thanks to our state-of-the-art architecture and incredible manufacturing infrastructure that have resulted in automatic retractable roofs for homes, restaurants and other businesses.

Dine, lunch or have an indoor party as our retractable roofs protect you from inclement weather while enhancing the beauty of the interiors. Reinvent your indoor spaces with our fullyautomatic retractable roofs offering some amazing options to plan family parties and social gatherings.

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CIP builds the world’s stare of the art modern retractable roof systems, designed specifically for climate extremes for our clients. The roof system is designed with the durability and strength necessary to withstand high winds and rain, all while maintaining an elegance aesthetic architecture. Our retractable roofing systems have been designed for year round use of the enclosed area. CIP roof systems can be installed over any outdoor space for patios, swimming pools, event venues, restaurants and any commercial applications.

Retractable Roof Systems or Fixed, Architectural Profiles

  • Single Peak or a gable roof profile
  • Triple Peak designed with a gambrel roof profile
  • Multi Peak have a modified bowstring roof profile
  • As well these roof profiles can be designed as a Lean-to style retractable roofs that can be installed against an existing side of a building.

About Retractable Roofs

Sophisticated Architecture

We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art system to craft automatic retractable roofs that have demonstrated exceptional resilience against extreme Australian climate. Our product is designed, engineered and manufactured to serve multiple functions for property owners. From enclosing your pools for private swimming to creating exclusive event space for family gatherings and parties, our retractable roofs exude unparalleled elegance. Undoubtedly, it’s a remarkable discovery in the field of sunrooms and pool enclosures.


Our patented retractable roofs are elegant, lightweight and thermally efficient to sustain the vagaries of the Australian climate. Its structural design includes stainless steel rods that effortlessly withstand heat, rain and snow loads of any load. The framing system enables large openings between structural frame supports without cross bracing. Despite the slender design, the structure has the strength to bear the extreme load for any local building code.

Retractable Roof for all seasons
Multi-Purpose Product

Our automatic retractable roofs present a plethora of options to transform patios and swimming pools. A slight push of a button is all that is needed to cover the outdoor space and experience the safety & security of indoors. You can sit and enjoy the stunning views around unfazed with any unpleasant change in the weather with retractable roofs offering complete protection. Take your private celebrations a notch high level with these automatic roofs adding a layer of class and comfort in your lifestyle.

Simple & Safe Operation

We are sticklers of simplicity and excellence. You no longer have to juggle with confusing automated controls, wires and many such paraphernalia. Our retractable roofs offer smooth movement using the patented electric retraction system. The maintenance-free system operates with tracks installed on knee walls, parapet walls or on other support structures. It is equipped with internal clutches to protect the system from any unforeseen overloads.

Retractable Roof for all seasons
  • Value-Added Product
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Patented drive system for small and large-scale operations
  • Completely safe and secure option
Added Perks
  • Simple automatic controls
  • Protects patio, spas and pools from unexpected weather
  • Thermally efficient
  • Blocks entry of bugs, birds and other creatures
  • Extra event/party space
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