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Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures

Our retractable pool enclosures are designed for comfort and ease for swimming pool owners and caretakers in Australia. Each product is durable, light-in-weight and has a simplistic yet elegant design.

We offer aesthetically attractive pool enclosures using state-of-the-art technologies to add more grace and style to your outdoor landscape.

Whether it’s the hot and humid summer months or chilly winters, you’ll definitely experience comfort coupled with style with our retractable pool enclosures. These pool enclosures present the best protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun, and other inclement situations – rain, snow or wind and insects & other small creatures.

What’s more, you can open and close the pool enclosure with just one click. It is that simple for pool owners as they sit and relax or take a dive in the swimming pool.

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Translating Every Ingenious Idea Into Quality Products

Our manufactured products are designed with precision, employing up-to-date engineering technologies and tools


We've designed each retractable roof with patented components similar to that of our pool covers. The retractable roofs can withstand wind, snow, and heavy rain. These roofs are easy-to-operate; just a push-button to regulate its movement.

During summers, you can keep the roof open to rejuvenate yourself from the soothing, warm rays of the sun, and enjoy the lovely breeze. Durability, longevity, and next-to-zero maintenance are key highlights of our retractable roofs for patios or indoor outdoor areas.

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Swimming Pool Covers That Withstand Extreme Weather

We bring to the table the latest technology into the designing and manufacturing of the pool covers

FULLY Automatic Pool Reels

Our fully automatic retractable pool cover reel effortlessly cover/uncover the swimming pool using automated features. A simple push-button is all that does the job!

They are hands-free, trackless, self-retracting, self-deploying and need no manual operation to pull or tether.

Use the automated features to open and close the swimming pool – partially or fully to suit your comfort and convenience. Experience absolute fun that comes with our immaculately designed pool covers this summer!

Explore our website to discover the most comprehensive selection of automated pool cover systems.

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Our One of A KIND
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures
    Our retractable pool enclosures for pools and patios are a must addition to uplift your outdoor space. Enjoy and relax with our automated pool enclosures whether the rain, storms, snow and other extreme conditions for years to.
  • Fully Automatic Pool Covers
    Our Fully Automatic Pool Reel (APR) system covers/uncovers the swimming pool with practically any other blanket (or solar pool cover). Our patented pool cover reel facilitates simple push-button operation. No manual operation needed!
  • Retractable Roofs
    Enclose your outdoor space using award-winning retractable roofs while enjoying the comforts of being indoors through all seasons. All thanks to the maintenance-free system to regulate the movement with the push-button operation.
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