Pool Covers for Traditional and Odd Shaped Pools

When thinking about your pool design, you’ll be surprised by the many different shapes to choose from. You aren’t limited to the usual square, rectangle, or circular shapes. Many pools with irregular, unique shapes bring more aesthetic to the yard.

Automatic Pool Cover on Pool

While these odd-shaped pools are a joy to the eyes, one issue comes to mind: How will you be able to cover your pool when not in use?

While you may feel tempted to leave your pool open, a quality pool cover is essential and can help with your pool’s longevity. Don’t worry, as you can still find pool covers for traditional, irregular, and odd-shaped pools!

Read on to learn more about your options for odd-shaped pools.


Pool Covers for Traditional, Irregular, and Odd Shaped Pools

Before anything else, you might be wondering – Why invest in covers for odd-shaped swimming pools?

Just like “regular” pools, covering them is crucial for protecting your pool and trapping heat in. Standard and luxury pool covers can also prevent debris from falling in, as well as unwanted critters from trying to make your pool their home.

Manual and automatic pool covers for irregularly shaped pools also help warm pools through sunlight absorption, which then transfers to the pool. You’ll save a lot of money and electricity by heating your pool. If you want to further increase the chances of heating your pool, then solar pool covers for irregularly shaped pools are available, too.

Moreover, if you invest in extremely strong and durable irregular pool covers, they can act as a safety measure. A strong cover prevents animals and children from falling into the pool if ever it’s not in use.

Now, this leaves you wondering: what are the best pool covers for odd-shaped pools? Are there old shaped pool covers? Here are our suggestions based on the type of pool shape you have:

Covers For Kidney-Shaped Pools

If you have a kidney-shaped pool, then it may be best to invest in a pool cover featuring a recessed top rack. That way, you can have a hidden cover system at a more affordable price.  However, the tracks are quite visible and will change the esthetics of the pool deck.

But if you want a more seamless integration, you can invest in a pool-in-pool system. However, it was very expensive! and may not work for the whole pool.

Another options is an on deck automatic pool cover.  It will only covers a straight sections of the pool, approximately covering about 80% of the pool with a solar cover.  Being automatic it takes the work effort out of the equation, and still allows you to heat the pool with the help of the sun.

 Pool Covers For Freeform Pools

The secret to investing in an automatic pool cover odd shape isn’t only about finding a good model, but the appropriate track if you decide the track option. If you own a freeform pool, then a recessed top track is an option.

Just like undertrack systems, a recessed top track has a drive mechanism mounted below grade. But what makes it different is that rather than mounting the track under the pool coping, the track will be installed outside your pool or along its sides.  The tracks are quite visible and will change the esthetics of the pool deck.

When installing an automatic pool cover irregular shape, a recessed top track is an excellent choice.

Similar to kidney-shaped pools, you can opt for a pool-in-pool track system. But again, this is the priciest option, but it will require renovation to install its mechanisms on existing pools.

Another option is to invest in deck-mounted automatic pool covers system.  Also using deck mounted automatic pool covers systems will allow you to use solar pool covers for irregular shaped pools.  They may not cover the whole pool but almost all of it.

 Automatic Pool Cover

Pool Covers For L-Shaped Pools

Whether you have a new or existing L-shaped pool, the double cover system is your best choice. We suggest having two deck automatic pool covers at both ends of the pool for more functionality.

That said, if you have a smaller-sized pool, then a top deck trackless system will work fine, too!


For Rectangle Shaped Pools

pool covers

Rectangle pools are considered the more traditional designs. Even then, it will still take research in searching for the best pool cover to fit your pool.  Either tracks mounted on deck, under deck or a trackless system.

Rectangle-shaped pools will work best with automatic pool covers featuring deck mounted pool covers that is trackless or encapsulated a track under the coping. Meaning, the track will be paired with a drive system and then mounted below grade in a covered box. That under track will be held in a channel built into the pool wall under the coping. This design will give your pool and cover a cleaner look as the track won’t be seen.



What Material to Use for Pool Covers

Besides what was mentioned above, let’s delve deeper into the type of material you can consider when choosing pool covers for odd-shaped pools:

  • Winter pool covers look similar to large tarpaulins and is only recommended for use during winter as they can’t bear too much weight. They are more for keeping debris out of the pool.
  • Mesh pool covers are heavy-duty and can hold more weight compared to winter covers. They don’t only keep debris out of the pool but, depending on their strength, they can be walked on. That said, these covers are more expensive than winter covers and the sun’s UV rays will stay unaffected from it.
  • Solar pool covers aren’t primarily used for protecting your pool from debris. They are best suited for homeowners focusing more on wanting to insulate their pool, thus saving on energy bills.
  • Automatic pool covers are made of various materials but have one common ground – They are very easy to apply and remove as they are usually controlled via remote.
  • Solid pool covers are made of non-permeable vinyl material to completely protect your pool from heavy debris, weather conditions, and the like. Don’t expect water and snow to pass through your pool cover! Moreover, this cover provides UV protection and water insulation.


Wrapping It Up

Swimming pools can come in all shapes and sizes, which makes them all the more attractive no matter what kind of home design you have. Though they are all different in shape, one thing’s for sure – You will always greatly benefit from pool covers for odd-shaped pools.

We hope that our list of odd-shaped covers gave you an idea of what you should invest in to protect your pool. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re on the lookout for irregular pool covers, contact us now and we can share our products and services!